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Role: Account Director, Creative Director

The Orange Chef Company is one of the most forward-thinking companies in the Bay Area. I worked with them to establish a partnership with Creo. As they worked on building their smart food scale for the home kitchen, we built the accompanying app, side-by-side as an extension of their team.


Our work with The Orange Chef lead to the launch of their first smart product, PrePad + Countertop. This product is a smart food scale for your kitchen with an accompanying iPad app called Countertop. PrePad connects with your iPad via Bluetooth, giving immediate-real-time feedback. Countertop then pulls from a robust database to provide you with nutritional data about your meal.

The Orange Chef has been very happy with the launch of this product. They have received praise from industry leaders, spotlights in the press as well as a successful first round of funding lead by Google.

Countertop - The robust, highly intuitive app that powers the PrePad.
PrePad - The smart food scale designed to bring confidence and discovery to your kitchen.
Countertop nutritional visualization view
Share meal card pushes content to your favorite social platforms
Traditional label view
Share meal card pushes content to your favorite social platforms