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Role: Project Manager, Creative Director, UX/UI Design, Identity Design

Bringing a beautiful time tracking experience to the iPad, ClockWork is an app created by Creo and made available to all for free. We wanted an app on our iPads to track our time and decided to make it our internal pet project.

After going through our own branding and software development process, we launched the app in the spring of 2013. Shortly after, Apple announced iOS 7 and we were happy to be on trend with our clean, flat design. ClockWork is iOS 7 ready and we enjoyed using it on a daily basis.

This app is beautiful, reliable, and easy to use. I often use my iPad in conjunction with my laptop while I’m working, so having time tracking on the iPad is great. Hands down the best iOS app for Harvest time tracking I’ve seen.
— MisterMasterFinal via iTunes
ClockWork dashboard screen
To give the user the freedom needed, we built a landscape view as well.