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Role: VP of Creative

I was brought in at an early stage to lead the design of the digital experience. The focus of the experience was taking the complex subjects of nutrition, biology and behavior and presenting the information in a way that was intuitive, memorable and actionable. We approached this problem with a lot of cross-functional work with nutritional scientists, data scientists, software engineers, research dietitians and culinary experts. Here I'll share some highlights of our work.


In response to the plethora of fad diets and nutritional noise we are bombarded with, Habit set out to get to the bottom of it all by leveraging systems biology. Habit looks at the whole person — including DNA, blood, body metrics, behaviors and goals — to determine their unique optimized nutrition plan.

Learn more by visiting habit's website.


The Habit Test


The Kit

This project was lead by Sara Butorac who was VP of Design at the time. I helped in early stages of concept design for the packaging, which was designed to emulate a book and allow simple step-by-step instructions for what otherwise could be a complex testing process. Once the concept was approved, I helped with some of the layout design with Sara. 


The Companion App

Taking an at home test alone which requires you to take a fasting blood sample, drink a high calorie shake, take 2 subsequent blood samples and DNA sample - with time windows to meet is an incredibly big ask of a customer. To help guide them through the process, we built an app that walks the customer through the steps with videos, timers and tips.


Results & Plan


Test Results

Habit is rooted in science and has human-centered design at its core. Our testing showed that most of our customers wanted a high level take away of information, with an option to dive in for more detail. My design provided a tweet sized take away of our result narratives with the option to drill into a longer explanation and the biomarkers that impacted the narrative. Additionally, the customer could open the biomarker card to learn more.


nutrition plan

Our aim with our nutrition plan was to make it simple for a customer to follow. Our framework began with the highest level mantra for how the customer should eat, then drilled into macros, calorie level and daily servings—each with additional info to dive into to provide the information and support when needed.


Tools & Services

(Available once test results are in)

action tools

Changing eating behavior to align with a new nutrition plan is really difficult. To help Habit customers adopt their new plan, we created tracking tools including a Food Photo Journal and a simple but meaningful habit tracker called Habit Maker.

Additionally, we provide recipes tailored to costumers’ biology. Habit’s culinary chefs design these amazing tasting recipes that are delivered weekly through the app. The recipes also integrate with Amazon Fresh so the whole process is simple and fits nicely into a busy life.


Expert CoacHING

Habit has an amazing team of Research Dietitians who helped create our Habit platform and have a built a 5 week coaching program to answer questions and guide customers on ways to practically reach their goals. The program focuses on behavior change and is a combination of curriculum delivered through the app, a phone call and texting.