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Air Cam

Air Cam is a wirelessly charged camera that records and streams video directly to your smart phone. You can place a camera anywhere in your home so you can keep an eye on what matters most to you, whether you are in another room or across the country. We've included a motion sensor, enabling you to capture video only when needed.     

This product is a concept my client is working on. They came to me with an initial idea and some innovative tech. I provided product consultation, created the design approach, and made the entirety of the design.

The Revision

A constant companion of the design process is constraints. Some are set in advance while others become clear as the project matures. The constraints of what is possible given time, budget, material and purpose helps to form the design and the results are often more beautiful for it. 

With this project the original circular design, while seemingly clean and simple, proved difficult to house the needed components. The request came to me to try a rectangle shape instead. So I reset and began sketching a new approach. The outcome was the following concept using a similar minimalist approach as the circle, but with an asymetrical yet balanced square design.


At the time of this post, this product is in research and developement to test it's viability. Here's hoping this one makes it to market!